Uterine infertility

 A 31-year-old female patient complains of infertility, amenorrhea for 2 years after the artificial abortion that was complicated by endometritis. Objectively: examination of the external genitalia revals no pathology, there is female pattern of hair distribution. According to the functional tests, the patient has biphasic ovulatory cycle. What form of infertility is the case?

1.  Pituitary

2.  Hypothalamic

3.  Ovarian

4.  Uterine

5.  Immunological

the answer is: 4

an explain: The patient's history of complicated endometritis after an artificial abortion suggests that there may be scarring or damage to the uterus, which can interfere with implantation and pregnancy. The absence of external genital pathology and presence of normal female pattern of hair distribution suggests that hormonal imbalances are less likely to be the cause of infertility in this case. The fact that the patient has a biphasic ovulatory cycle indicates that she is ovulating and therefore is less likely to have ovarian, hypothalamic, or pituitary infertility.

However, it's important to note that further testing and evaluation would be needed to confirm the exact cause of the patient's infertility.

(Kok 2 Exam)